About Us

Our Mission

     Our goal at NetAge is to provide the highest quality services in Network Consulting and Systems Engineering. With the increase in pace of competition, we provide the new technologies and services that can give our customers the edge over our competitors.We strive to understand how client’s measure Return on Investment and provide network solutions .We strive to be our clients’ advocates, instead of seeing them as a revenue stream. We are the people who can put it all together. In short, we love technology, and love helping our clients put it to good use.


Our People

      We are a technology practice based in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in August of 1995, we created our practice on the principle that right service and right solution, rather than product, is what makes an integration business successful. We don’t offer integration as a way to sell you more equipment; the services that we offer are our core business.


      Our growth has been driven by our clients’ need to operate efficiently in an environment where collaborative partnerships and the intelligent network have emerged as the two most important business enablers.



Small Business Solutions

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Borderless Networks Solutions

Addresses customer’s needs for powerful systems capabilities that allow them to increase business innovation with […]


Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration Applications Voice, video, and web conferencing; messaging; mobile applications; and enterprise social software keep […]


Data Center & Virtualization Solutions

We help our clients to unify their Data Center, simplify operations, reduce costs, and achieve […]

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